Purpose of Capstone Project

The culminating experience for students in the UNC Greensboro M.S. Genetic Counseling Program is a formal Capstone Project. The purpose of the Capstone Project requirement is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to the field of genetic counseling.

Students perform research and/or developing programs, tools or services that benefit genetic counselors, individuals and families with genetic conditions, or the public.

Options for Project

The Capstone Project may consist of

  • A detailed case study and resources synthesis
  • Development and assessment of a clinical or educational application
  • An original educational, clinical or laboratory research project.

Students strive to develop a research proposal or project that will contribute to the knowledge about and/or practice of clinical genetics and/or genetic counseling.

Research Methods

Students complete a course in Research Methods during the second semester of the program and are encouraged to identify a Capstone Project topic and develop a preliminary project plan as part of this course.

Research Project Committee

Projects will be completed under the guidance of a research project committee, which consists of a chair and two other members of the faculty. Adjunct clinical faculty and/or clinical supervisors may serve on research project committees. Individuals who are not members of the faculty may also serve on committees with the approval of the Program Director.

Students are required to submit a detailed written report of their Capstone Project, including an abstract suitable for submission to the National Society of Genetic Counselors or other professional organization’s annual education conference, and to make an oral or poster presentation about their project to their classmates and the faculty.

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